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it took a long time to complete but here is the result of the tag from :iconthefelinealchemist:

  1. I don’t really know how to use photoshop (I learned what I know by trial and error)

  2. I prefer crunchy peanut butter

  3. I Run both Mac and PC computers because they each have their own strengths

  4. I am a fan of Terry Pratchetts “Discworld”

  5. I may be a nerd

  6. I have lots of random bits of useless information stored in my brain

  7. I am terrible at remembering names and faces

  8. I am colour blind

  9. I play far too much Kerbal Space Programme to be as bad at it as I am

  10. My hair grows weirdly fast

  11. I can easily be awake until 3am

  12. I am not a morning person

  13. I dislike coffee

  14. I have enjoyed TF images since I saw April O’neil change into a cat/fish person etc

  15. I am rather introverted

  16. I enjoy Sci Fi especially Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate SG1, Babylon5, The Fifth Element and Event Horizon

  17. I really love lego

  18. My current favourite movie of all time is Deadpool (although that will most likely change at some point)

  19. I have only visited 13 countries

  20. My favourite series of books is “The Galaxy Game” series by Phil Janes (Galaxy Game, Fission Impossible and I Arnold)

  21. I have owned 6 cars and was part owner in one other

  22. I am a fan of Bundaberg Ginger Beer

  23. I also really like Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer

  24. Chocolate covered liquorice is amazing

  25. I wish I could put as much time into learning to draw as necessary (I suck at drawing by the way)

  26. I grew a goatee once and looked like the evil universe version of myself

  27. I prefer Marmite to Vegemite however Promite is my absolute favourite

  28. I have played too much GTA5

  29. I have played just enough Skyrim

  30. I have not played enough Fallout 4

  31. I am a bit of a car nerd, but not in a mechanical sense

  32. I keep my digital life hidden from my real life because I fear being judged for it

  33. I cant sing

  34. I enjoy photography (but am probably pretty average at it)

  35. I am not a confident person

  36. My favourite Batman villain is Poison Ivy

  37. My favourite tfs to see are cat and rabbits

  38. My favourite tfs to do are Rabbits and cats (*gasp* what a shock)

  39. I enjoy driving fast (in controlled situations ie on tracks or closed circuits)

  40. I like the original TMNT cartoon

  41. My favourite turtles in order are Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michaelangelo

  42. I actually enjoyed the Green Lantern Movie

  43. I have been to Weta (yes that Weta) more times than I care to admit

  44. I have purchased more at Weta than I care to admit

  45. I think Eminem is at his best when he is parodying himself

  46. I really like pencils … and I cant draw

  47. I have owned more Mazdas than any other brand of car

  48. I don’t like short sleeved shirts but always wear my long sleeves rolled up

  49. I have a very analytical view on things

  50. I wish Magic existed

  51. Chocolate coated peanuts are one of my favourite treats

  52. I am terrified of spiders

  53. I am terrified of heights but flying is no problem

  54. I have a large number of pen drives

  55. I have a small collection of film cameras

  56. I used to build plastic model kits

  57. I have touched an SR-71 Blackbird (a real one not a scale model)

  58. I like new technology

  59. Iam incredibly disorganised

  60. I am an atheist

  61. I eat far too many takeaways for my own good

  62. I hate the apple vs everything else debate … ultimately which piece of tech someone chooses is no business of anyone but them

  63. The fastest I have driven is around 270km/h (167mph) on a race track

  64. the fastest car I have driven in a first generation Audi R8

  65. The fastest I have travelled is 920km/h (570mph)

  66. I have flown in many airbus products including A320, A330, A340 and A380

  67. I have also flown in many Boeing products including 737, 767 and 747

  68. I prefer the Boeings

  69. I do not like driving automatic cars

  70. I often find myself watching the most random stuff on Youtube

  71. I am currently about ½ way through watching the entire Star Trek collection

  72. I hate mowing the lawns

  73. My favourite Sci Fi movie is Event Horizon

  74. My favourite “Random” number to use when someone asks “how many” is 47403

  75. I find washing my car very relaxing

  76. I get angry over things that I cant control and shouldn’t let bother me

  77. I once missed a first date because I changed watches and hadn’t moved it for daylight savings

  78. I have too may notebooks … most with nothing in them

  79. The thought of camping appeals … the thought of a hotel appeals more

  80. I really enjoyed the Dukes of Hazzard and Macguyver (the originals)

  81. I am double jointed

  82. I don’t like going barefoot

  83. I am strangely attached to a particular drinking glass

  84. I am doing this whil procrastinating on a piece of work that I cant decide if it need more

  85. I have an entirely Scottish ancestry

  86. I grow a somewhat ginger beard despite having almost black hair

  87. I played too much minecraft when it was a shiny new thing

  88. I suspect that I may fall somewhere on the aspergers scale

  89. I vowed never to buy a red car again after my first one faded terribly

  90. I currently own a red car

  91. I don’t have a favourite colour

  92. I have eaten insects on purpose (food grade and properly prepared)

  93. I own a tailored suit

  94. The tailor that made my suit has also made one for Bill Clinton

  95. I wish I could make wooden furniture

  96. The Tasmanian Devil is my favourite cartoon character

  97. I have a crush on Clara Oswald, Amy Pond, April O’neill, Velma Dinkley and various other fictional characters

  98. Even though I don’t like to admit it … I am a conformist

  99. If magic was suddenly discovered to be real, I would opt to transform into some kind of animal hybrid

  100. I prefer coke to Pepsi (and I am a big fan of Cherry Coke)

  101. My favourite foodstuff is cheese

as the title says it is a year (and a bit) since I first plucked up the courage to post on Deviant art after stalking around the edges for years and adding hundreds of images to my favourites. Thanks to everyone who has liked and/or followed me over that time. The support from the community has been amazing and it is nice to be adding to it. To anyone out there wondering whether they should give it a go ... I say go for it there is a lot of people out there that are willing to help.